she wears short skirts i wear short skirts

we are sailor soldiers and in the name of the moon we will punish you

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King of the jungle


King of the jungle

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Anonymous asked: vegen? how do you get protein?


who needs protein? i survive solely on the tears of cis white males. 


on the swedish melodifestivalen (The Melody Festival) the female presenter had not shaved her armpits and a politician critizied her about it and she answered "It grows there. I didn’t come up with it, evolution did."



John and Sherlock

Perfect faces.


DAY 265. Not using this. Nope by *Cryptid-Creations


not gay as in happy, but queer as in abolish capitalism

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My understanding of queer is a term that desires that you don’t have to present an identity card before entering a meeting. Heterosexuals can join the queer movement. Bisexuals can join the queer movement. Queer is not being lesbian. Queer is not being gay. It is an argument against lesbian specificity: that if I am a lesbian I have to desire in a certain way. Or if I am a gay I have to desire in a certain way. Queer is an argument against certain normativity, what a proper lesbian or gay identity is.

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FACT: Queer blood can be made into an herbal tea.


The best natural cure for heterosexuality, and also tummy aches.

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